Oost-Europa Televisie (OETV) is a unique tv-program, specifically dealing with Central and Eastern Europe. Since November 1997 OETV presents weekly one hour of information on political, social, cultural or economical activities concerning Central and Eastern Europe.

OETV is a local program, focusing on activities taking place in Amsterdam. That makes us a platform for cultural and social organisations, companies, administrations, politicians and individuals involved in Central and Eastern Europe.

OETV intends to be as well a forum for expressing own opinions of Central and Eastern Europeans. We give broad attention to events and developments in countries concerned.

Since 1989 an irreversible integration- process of whole Europe has been set in motion. The distance between Warsaw and Amsterdam or Paris and Vilnius is vanishing. This notwithstanding, information about Central and Eastern European countries given in the media is still very limited. OETV's weekly tv-program is channeling the information flow about these countries, giving a more consistent picture.

The producer of the OETV-program is the Foundation "Stichting Oost-Europa Informatie" (STOEI). The goal of STOEI is to distribute information on Central and Eastern Europe through all available media. The closer the day of the enlargement of the European Union, the bigger becomes the need for information on the future members.

The OETV-program is made by an enthusiastic group of people - Dutch and Central and Eastern Europeans - who want to achieve this goal. Do we succeed? Watch and decide for yourself.

OETV - every Saturday 3 to 4 p.m. on Salto A1 and every Tuesday from 11 to 12 p.m. on Salto A2